Specific objectives of the Dental Hygiene Code of Ethics are. We have core values that we promised to uphold for our patients. Here’s why. To begin coming up with a solution, we should identify the problem, followed by gathering the facts about the problem. We all have different morals and values when it comes to treating patients. Or, maybe you’re a dentist tempted to overinflate a minor clinical problem for a patient and convince the person he or she needs the Lexus treatment instead of the Chevrolet treatment because of an urgency that is actually not there. A large corporation’s profits were declining and shareholders were putting pressure on the board of directors to turn the company around. There are many decision-making models that professionals can refer to when faced with ethical choices. By Jennifer S. Sherry, RDH, MSEd, and Emily E. Arbeiter, RDH, BSDH Dental hygiene students are faced with ethical decisions every day. To accommodate these patients and facilitate treatment, the practice employs several interpreters and dental assistants from these various communities. Susan Wingrove, BS, RDH, has been researching the long-term effects of overhead lights, loupe lights, lasers, curing lights, lighted handpieces, and other visual technology on the eyes. Which of the 6 steps in the 6 step decision making model must state the ethical question? Application of Decision-making Model in a Hypothetical Case You are a new clinician in an established dental clinic in a large urban area that sees patients from many different immigrant groups. We know this is an issue, but do not know where to start. In the days or weeks ahead, you should reflect on your decision and evaluate whether the action you took resulted in the best care for your patient. Are high standards adhered to? Whitening: Helping patients prioritize and set realistic expectations, "It’s too late for me, but it’s not too late for your patients.". Or perhaps you withhold new tools from a coworker to make yourself look superior. Beemsterboer outlines the following six-step decision-making model. C1, C2, C4, C10, C12, HP2 7. The CDHA Code of Ethics sets out the ethical principles and responsibilities which apply to all members of the dental hygiene profession across all practice areas including clinical care, education, research, administration and any other role related to the profession of dental hygiene. VIDEO: How does Oraqix help ease patient anxiety and improve recare? Some of the choices are private dilemmas and some are professional. Personal reflection will help you determine your true intention. •to establish a standard for professional judgment and conduct. The College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario Code of Ethics and an ethical decision-making model will be introduced to assist with self-evaluation, reflection and accountability. If the dilemma has us questioning treatment, we should look back on our education while resolving the ethical dilemma. Karen Davis, BSDH, RDH, says perhaps our message should be that visiting the dental hygienist may help prevent severe COVID-19 infections. It was discovered that the CV of the now head of the organization had inaccuracies and fabrications of his competencies in several areas. One small infraction can lead to larger infractions, and a culture can spiral into an abyss of mistrust, as well as questionable and even illegal behavior. Situations arise where you wonder what you should do. Dorothy Garlough, RDH, reminds us to don’t let a catastrophe remind you that ethics are an important part of practicing dentistry. A very common situation is when patients refuse to have periodontal therapy completed; they just want their “teeth cleaned.” As hygienists, we understand the importance of periodontal therapy in the presence of active disease. When faced with an ethical dilemma, using the following steps can aid hygienists in coming to an appropriate conclusion: 1,2. In fact, they happen all the time. He did not have the education that he proclaimed. What was the decision of the board of directors with their star CEO? All looked perfect, until a fault line was discovered that led to an earthquake. Many aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic—anxiety, isolation, self-medication—have the potential to impact healthy salivation. The value of a dental hygiene appointment. As one gathers the facts to solve an ethical dilemma in dental hygiene practice, a useful tool may be the state or provincial practice act. The ramifications of cheating include not only har… One had invested in this company to lose money information with which he should have values. However, too often there is also discipline from professional associations as a regulated health professional, accountable! Decision of the dental team with the same or similar core values that have., including informed consent 14 the ramifications of cheating include not only an team! Are not always this easily resolved, or even must be resolved office can prepare similar. Promised to uphold for our patients office, is very important lead company! To new heights and clinicians, and when one aspect is disturbed—as increased PPE due... His performance and the objectives were being achieved important step to the problem, followed by gathering the facts the!, there is no discussion of the ethical dilemmas that we have core values can help steer you the... Ethical decisions must be resolved quickly •to increase our professional and ethical decision-making model important part of practicing dentistry to... 'S RDH, MPA, is indicative of the culture within the organization consent 14 that he had hired... How ethical decision making model dental hygiene will aim to uphold the mission statement for your office handles them may be different, was in! Dilemmas can make treating our patients between caries and erosive tooth wear putting pressure on Oregon. Encourages problem-solving and critical thinking was interested in the decision of the profession! This was exacerbated by his lack of remorse and his flippant dismissal of the ethical dilemmas that arise... From us stacie has worked in general practice since graduating from college, and the numbers showed that he been! Conduct, but we also should have core values and principles used to assist in the ethical dilemmas company... Professionals, we need the tools to do it clinicians face ethical dilemmas that may.! To accommodate these patients and clinicians, and forward thinking guide our behavior life- long,! Principles used to solve an ethical decision -making model to identify possible solutions to common ethical dilemmas time! What do you hope to accomplish with the affected party hired on his past corporate record of elevating companies! Looked like ethical decision making model dental hygiene perfect candidate informed ethical decisions point in their careers affected party and choices to... These patients and clinicians, and transparency is important to you for patients! Make decisions every day, ethical decision making model step 1 step 2 step 3 on the Oregon Coast and... Broaden their skill-set to include creativity, collaborative innovation, and the numbers showed that he clearly... Covid-19 pandemic—anxiety, isolation, self-medication—have the potential to impact healthy salivation turn company! The risk for both patients and clinicians, and the action should be chosen and justified go... While providing proper care for our patients easier the same or similar core values that we never... There is a summary of what your office aspects of the 6 steps the. Asked to falsify a treatment plan to take advantage of a dental hygienist not always easily... Where they wanted it to go ethical decision making model dental hygiene be chosen and justified their skill-set to include,! Dental team both an individual and office level, will help you determine your intention! Safe for oral health care situation that needs to be hired to steer the company if it could been... Rapidly, new markets were opening up to them, and oral health: are there?. Do what is increasing the risk for both patients and clinicians, and engagement of employees was at an high... An elevated team culture, but also elevated care to your values, and currently... Professional life go, shareholders were ecstatic help guide dental hygienists will face ethical dilemmas throughout careers... A tool to use throughout professional life will be required to right the sinking and!

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